Module 1: Setting the scene, the right climate and synchronous ‘ZOOM’. In this module, we explore introductions and an icebreaker before moving on to look at the role and character of the online tutor. We also compare at how a teacher’s skills, roles and character are adapted from the f2f classroom to online environs and the 5-stage model. Finally, we explore a synchronous, extremely fashionable platform ‘ZOOM’, and experiment with its major functionalities. Self-reflective practice on ‘ZOOM’ follows transferring knowledge to application in your own teaching context.

 Module 2: Educational technology, blended and hybrid classes. In the first group task of the course this module familiarises participants with key terminology surrounding educational technology. We look at techniques for monitoring our students in the online environment and how to ensure participants are involved. We also look at how to craft messages and the reasons for sending them. Towards the end of this module there is an explicit analysis of blended learning through a visit to an existing online school and its operational tools. Initiation of teaching practice and real lesson observations.

 Module 3: Let’s take it all in class. Module three brings the findings of the two previous modules into actual classroom application. We exploit both synchronous and asynchronous tools to ‘liven up’ the course book used (with references to young learners) as well as enjoying ‘free-standing’ lessons designed by the participants. A clear comparison between f2f and online teaching as well as a UNIQUE selection of teaching apps will round-up this module. Teaching practice and real lesson observations continue.

 Module 4: Educational management – the ‘new school’. In this very important module, the vision of the future school is shaped for each participant related to his/her roles towards teachers, students and parents. An action plan is designed including timing and dynamic action required. Careful and professionally planned transitional stages from traditionality to futurity are taken into consideration to provide a secure, positive and commercially accepted environment in your ‘new school’.